Anchorage Daily News is reporting, the recall campaign against Gov. Dunleavy is "accelerating". His record on conservation-related issues is absolutely atrocious, as the report cards from 2014 show.

Why weren't his obvious failures to respect Alaskans addressed sooner? Article mentioned he recently spewed some garbage about "potential collaboration," but (as the organizer of the protest stated) he lies.

"“The governor’s violation of separation of powers and misuse of state funds, and the impacts of his misguided, ill-advised attempts to decrease government spending in Alaska were all a part of CIRI’s wake-up call.” Minich says CIRI is one of the state’s economic “powerhouses,” and it supports removing the governor from office in order to head off what it believes are disastrous policies for residents and the business community. Like most Alaska Native Corporations, CIRI rarely wades so openly into contentious political fights.

“Are we being good corporate citizens if we stand by in silence while this administration takes actions that are in opposition of our values and of our culture? Our answer to these questions was a resounding: no,” she said."

"A coalition of Native organizations, including United Tribes of Bristol Bay, Gwichin Steering Comittee, Native Peoples Action, Orutsararmiut Native Council, and Native Movement, are calling on Alaskan Native leadership to move with urgency to address climate change and stop harmful projects. This year’s AFN theme, “Good Government: Alaskan Driven,” encourages a conversation about tribal sovereignty as a solution for our people’s well-being. rights are the remedy for this crisis."

Look at all of this beautiful logic spelled out on


"Statement of Grounds: Neglect of Duties, Incompetence, and/or Lack of Fitness, for the following actions:

Governor Dunleavy violated Alaska law by refusing to appoint a judge to the Palmer Superior Court within 45 days of receiving nominations.

Governor Dunleavy violated Alaska Law and the Constitution, and misused state funds by unlawfully and without proper disclosure, authorizing and allowing the use of state funds for partisan purposes to purchase electronic advertisements and direct mailers making partisan statements about political opponents and supporters.

Governor Dunleavy violated separation-of-powers by improperly using the line-item veto to: (a) attack the judiciary and the rule of law; and (b) preclude the legislature from upholding its constitutional Health, Education and Welfare responsibilities.

Governor Dunleavy acted incompetently when he mistakenly vetoed approximately $18 million more than he told the legislature in official communications he intended to strike. Uncorrected, the error would cause the state to lose over $40 million in additional federal Medicaid funds.

References: AS 22.10.100; Art. IX, sec. 6 of Alaska Constitution; AS 39.52; AS 15.13, including .050, .090, .135, and .145; Legislative Council (31-LS1006); ch.1-2, FSSLA19; OMB Change Record Detail (Appellate Courts, University, AHFC, Medicaid Services)."

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Kinfolk of Alaska, OCNW predates the unfortunately short-sighted white man's dilemma.

to get the worst out first.

Recall campaigns work. These kinds of things work in a .

"The internet has simultaneously made recall campaigns cheaper and made it easier for them to raise money. Social media helps voters find each other; smartphones and spreadsheets make coordinating their efforts far simpler. And citizens can even download a recall petition, print it out and sign it (or get their family and friends to sign it) on the spot.

Another reason recalls may be on the rise is that power *brokers are increasingly willing to put their muscle behind them."


(1) Start or advance a campaign against groupings of corrupt REPUBLICANS (for an opportunity to save the world).

(2) Assess ecosystem damage wrought by aforementioned bad guys, immediately shut down their abuses of privatization (or obvious intent to abuse via privatization).

(3) Assign ecological damage scores to those in political power; notice increased for each day of continued damage (or attempted damage)?; these cannot be removed.

(4) Expel and remove anyone unwilling to enforce accountability on the white collar criminals. Let the educated public among the system collectively vanquish those who refuse to be precisely accountable.

(5) Immediately embark upon eco-remediation strategies for the areas with the worse damage.

Indigenous nations (and as the wise remind us: sovereignty is only to be acknowledged; it's obviously never granted) have all the answers, and really; they owe nothing to the white man. No real estate anything the white man dreamed up in vainglory is worth that kind of harm.

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