North Dakota flooding "severe weather" so soon after the catastrophic tropical storm Imelda in SE Texas, inundation in flood plains already saturated ...

I wonder how bad the fracking damage is? Some degree of sinking, likely. Geophysics teaches us that when a natural resource is depleted, structural problems in Earth systems can happen.

Every day the "American" people let Trump get away with his crimes seems to be creating more and more problems for those people; in this capture of radar imagery, obviously more rain on the way for many parts of the midwest.

Sources: Weathernationtv & maps

"Some hazardous wastewater returns to the surface, so speculators inject back into the ground in deep disposal wells.

Eaton and his co-author Xuewei Bao demonstrated hydraulic fracturing itself caused earthquakes in western Canada, by adding pressure to tectonic faults. When the pressure builds up enough, the tectonic plates slip."


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Even though it doesn't seem to have updated for 3+ years, this reveals some of the weakened spots where happened. There is nothing pristine here.

(Gee, I wonder why Trumpublicans refuse to acknowledge facts of today),

Read up on some of the incidents; let's see if we can find any recently-updated scientific news.

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So here's one interesting data point: the Bayou Corne sinkhole. It sits roughly ~ between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA -- directly in the floodplain. It started off small, was 97124.64 m^2 (~) in 2013, and currently is 149733.8 m^2, or over 37 acres.

Mother Jones magazine wrote in 2013:

"Bayou Corne is the biggest ongoing industrial disaster in the United States you haven’t heard of. In addition to creating a massive sinkhole, it has unearthed an uncomfortable truth: Modern mining and drilling techniques are disturbing the geological order in ways that scientists still don’t fully understand. Humans have been extracting natural resources from the earth since the dawn of mankind, but never before at the rate and magnitude of today’s petrochemical industry."

In another story, it was revealed that the chemical plant operators responsible for creating the hole were informed of the risks almost 40 years ago.

"Even though Vulcan never shared its 1980 "multimillion dollar gamble" memo and others with Texas Brine, Kliebert noted Texas Brine had received a warning from a geologist in the early 1980s that creating the cavern was "likely a risky proposition." He added the record was "replete" with warnings to both companies before the cavern was created that the edge of the salt dome was a "serious issue".


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Adding on to the thread about (repost/edit to fix typos).

If we want to be brutally honest, the vectors have already been put in motion, and there's little to do but wait. Every single day that the damage continues makes it less likely this is something we'll be able to just clean up and move on from. It only takes a little damage to ripple out for generations:

Our environmental disasters will be unique to our geology. Which means, more than likely, a significant portion of the US is going to either "sinking bog" or permanently underwater in ~50 years. The industrial rape of fracking, drilling for oil, and aquifers pumped dry combined with rising sea levels can only go on for so long. A hotter earth means more energy for more storms; more storms means more intense water beating down on geology weakened from the disgusting fossil-fuel infrastructure sucking strength and vitality out of eons-old layers of our Earth's crust.

Limestone, salt and gypsum underlie over 40 percent of the contiguous US. These "rock types are susceptible to dissolution in water. In these areas the formation of underground cavities can form, and catastrophic sinkholes can happen. These rock types are evaporites (salt, gypsum, and anhydrite) and carbonates (limestone and dolomite). Evaporite rocks underlie about 35 to 40 percent of the United States, though in many areas they are buried at great depths."

"About 16,000 sinkholes originate in Missouri. For comparison, Tennessee has more than 54,000 sinkholes and Florida has about 12,000."

Interesting that thinks it can build any `ol expansion of transit infrastructure over its pocked with foundation.

The city once had a choice: build a vibrant green-energy economy of the future OR allow a bunch of "slash and burn" drilling/mining corporations to get rich by letting them rape the land. And don't forget the extra costs you get to have because you know they're going to leave a whole slew of toxic waste in their wake.

Guess which one Texans Republicans chose for their state?

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Large problems (Texas insists it have everything "larger") stay where they were discovered.

Sinkholes, for example. Way back in 2011, we knew which areas of FL were most prone to sinkholes. Yet here we are eight years later and they are still trying to get away with the same insurance fraud scams. Even that desperation isn't going to work for much longer ... less than half as long with guys like Trump "residing" there. )

Until those responsible for propagating the problem don't have any more room to wreck their future, and their "negative externalities" ripple out and wreck others. (Poor Louisana and Mississippi and Alabama!)

Systemic problems should be taken into consideration whenever possible.

And on the other side of the Gulf, it is Unfortunate that Texas continues to elect those who make their already-big problems even bigger.

Geology reveals seem to talk in even longer timelines than even the speed of light might fathom.

Texas Senate reps have _never_ achieved anywhere near a passing score according to the LCV.

Note: Alaska's House reps never respected green, except once in 1971

In other news, several places in Australia (which is basically Trump territory on a different continent, with who their leaders are) are burning, and have been burning with wildfires.

How _______ works is not the entirety of anything.


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Esses idiotas não podem ser expulsos com rapidez suficiente.

Florida's Republikkkan governor, Ron DeSantis, thinks that setting up a government office and throwing money at the ocean will stop the rising tides.

"2019 was the year the effects of climate change grabbed the attention of Republicans in state Legislature. A Senate committee recently approved a bill that will officially create an office of resiliency and a statewide sea-level rise task force — two efforts championed by Gov. Ron DeSantis. "

The party's incorrigible ignorance and unforgivable stupidity extends well into several states' legislatures as well; the Scorecards have all the records.

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Ask yourself: "where is QUALITY CONTROL FAILING?"


Thank _Kaizen_, our global perspective, that the failing states (and in some instances States' D, D-, and a big fat F for FAIL ) are not the case everywhere.

Of course the indisputably corrupt fail. This is why those make bad leaders.

Bad leaders step down.

Mathematics makes it easy to find the patterns; improvement only works in a world where its leaders are not afraid to LISTEN to those who've been there longer than they have.

Awesome news about Navajo nation getting 500+ MEGAWATTS of Transmission Lines

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