Lots of new folks to welcome to Ecosteader! I enjoyed reading why you want to join, and am glad you are here.

Please make yourself at home. Feel free to post an intro and some piece of nature that inspires you: park life, wild plants, or plants you're growing for wildlife... as Autumn moves on, there's so much beauty out there.

As I've mentioned before, it was not my original plan to make a server focused on climate-change related things; but that stuff does belong here: to keep track as best we can of what works and to learn from what are obviously intractable mistakes of colonials.

As bad as it gets, there are always small victories as we lend support to relatives. Like you, I want to focus mostly on the good, on what we can build or do better... we can do this.

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Ecosteader is an indigenous-friendly community to design, build, and innovate "green" or eco-friendly spaces: wildlife-friendly gardens, micro-homesteads, off-grid communities, artwork, and more. We participate in Ecological Democracy by designing and building our local communities around the health of our shared soil which can only be achieved via sustainable practices. We oppose anyone and anything that supports Trump, the Realtor network, racists, fascists, or rent-seeking landlords. And please keep boycotting Home Depot!