Photos from today's events: first 3 at Pacific University International Day of Peace and Climate Justice. Last photo scraped from other social media, showing downtown PDX protests.

While it was interesting to learn that the University's $700K+ salaried administrators continue to ignore the requests of students to bring back the compost program, use more sustainable products in foodservice and cafeterias, etc., it was more interesting to hear that none of those administrators showed up to the biggest climate strike in Earth's history! Just one lone 20 year Environmental Science teacher got behind the microphone.

That being said, while more than 3/4 of the protesters I marched with today were half my age, it was still great to hear the words "indigenous people" and "first nations." ... And the acknowledgement that the land the campus sits on today was originally stewarded by the Tualatin Kalapuyas, people "forcibly relocated southward to the reservation of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde."

"The survival of Native societies depended on the acquisition of resources and the means of subsistence. They needed mobility, cooperation, seasonal adaptation, and spirituality based on a reverence for natural resources and social traditions. Conversely, the value systems and teaching tools of Euro-Americans focused on individualism, competition, established communities, private landownership, and the acquisition of natural resources for power and profit. Consequently, formal Indian education policies and curriculums often exacerbated existing cultural conflicts."

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Neat educational project I noticed when attending the Climate Strike marches in September... This project is on the PU Campus, and is being worked on by @jasonarch1234

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