"In tribal gynocratic systems a multitude of personality and character types can function positively within the social order because the systems are focused on social responsibility rather than on denial-based social fictions to which human beings are compelled to conform by powerful individuals within the society"

"4. The physical and cultural genocide of American Indian tribes is and was mostly about patriarchal fear of gynocracy. The [insert western Christian denominations] missionaries ... could not tolerate peoples who allowed women to occupy prominent positions and decision-making capacity at every level of society."

"In the centuries since the first attempts at colonization in the 1500s, the invaders have exerted every effort to remove Indian women from every position of authority, to obliterate all records pertaining to gynocratic social systems, and to ensure that no American and few Americans would remember that gynocracy was the primary social of Indian America prior to 1800."

"6. Western studies of American Indian tribal systems are erroneous at base because they view tribalism from the cultural basis of patriarchy and thus either discount, degrade, or conceal gynocratic features or re-contextualize those features so that they will appear patriarchal."

All quotes from _The Sacred Hoop_, a compilation of essays by Paula G. Allen

She wrote also of Indians in : "... different in details and identical in intent and disastrous effect to that of Indians in the United States"

Nevertheless, themes of survival persist:

"2. Indians endure -- both in the sense of living through something so complete in its destructiveness that the mere presence of survivors is a testament to the human will to survive and in the sense of duration or longevity. Tribal systems have been operating in the "new world" for several hundred thousand years. It is unlikely that a few hundred years of colonization will see their undoing." (Introduction)

We can tell by who the whiteman elected Prezzy prez, that their sense of dread must be growing day by day.

"The acts of aggression committed against every aspect of American Indian life and society over the centuries-- what the Aztecs foresaw as Nine Hells or Nine Descents --have left indelible, searing scars on the minds and spirits of the native peoples on this continent. But voices of the spirits that inform Native America are being heard in every region.

The oral tradition, from which the contemporary poetry and fiction take their significance and authenticity, has, since contact with white people, been a major force in Indian resistance." (p. 53)

"Contemporary Indian communities value individual members who are deeply connected to the traditional ways of their people, even after centuries of concerted and brutal effort on the part of the American government, the churches, and the corporate system to break the connections between individuals and their tribal world. In short, Indians think it is important to remember, while Americans believe it is important to forget." (p. 210)

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"We as feminists must be aware of our history on this continent. We need to recognize that the same forces that devastated the gynarchies of Britain and the Continent also devastated the ancient African civilizations, and we must know that those same materialistic, antispiritual forces are presently engaged in wiping out the same gynarchical values, along with the peoples who adhere to them, in Latin America. ... those wars were and continue to be about the imposition of patriarchal civilization over the holistic, pacifist, and spirit-based gynarchies they supplant." (p. 214)

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