The miracles of , and how this tree is helping women in a community in Vietnam

"Mangroves are a testament to the miracle of trees. Of the 60,000 or so species of trees on Earth, only mangroves tolerate saltwater. They thrive where freshwater mingles with the ocean, just beyond the shores of more than 90 countries in South-east Asia, South America, North America, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and the Pacific. Their thick tangles of ropey roots capture river sediment, thereby reducing beach erosion and preventing pollutants from flowing into the ocean. A 100-metre-wide swath of mangroves can reduce the height of a wave by as much as two-thirds. They sequester carbon three to five times more powerfully than upland tropical forest.

Mangroves are often referred to as "the nurseries of the sea"—clusters of them make breeding grounds for fish and crustaceans. Although exact estimates are hard to come by, it's likely that hundreds to thousands of fish species spend their lifecycle around mangroves. Researchers estimate that 80 percent of the global fish population is dependent on healthy mangrove ecosystems, and in turn 120 million people worldwide depend on them for income. Migratory birds also make seasonal homes in mangroves."


Mangroves were (and are being) defiled and destroyed in Florida (and worldwide) by guys like Donald J. Trump. He and his real estate buddies are too sick, even for the swamp which never wanted them there.

The Landlords and HOAs must be so sorry (full of thoughts and prayers) they are in their futures, coupled with their counterparts' toxic gravity underwater.

(What's that? Their "plans" didn't have backup plans! How unfortunate. )

For that was their fate; only a temporary glimpse: an empty notice of failure on all planes.

Democracy doesn't die, but the people trying to kill it do.

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