Hi, there. We want to pre-announce #MastodonStartpage. It's an introductory page to Mastodon with instructions and tips to which we will shortly add a list of suggested instances.
We are still working on it and we still need to make some adjustments, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know!


Ciao. Vogliamo pre-annunciare Mastodon Startpage. Si tratta di una pagina introduttiva a Mastodon con istruzioni e spunti cui a breve aggiungeremo anche un elenco di istanze suggerite.
Ci stiamo ancora lavorando e serve ancora qualche aggiustamento, pertanto se avete osservazioni o suggerimenti, fate sapere!



Add easy-to-see topics like: " activism", "", "", and " and link to their topic-focused counterparts, like indigedon.com and ecosteader.com. :global_warming: 🌏




While the Fediverse will always have NSFW content, it's better for people to not have to see that if they don't go looking for it. The default timelines of the big instances filter nothing, which can be offputting for many users. We had to stop allowing federated toots on our public timeline because of that reason, so it's all local toots.

The downside, is that my instance doesn't have nearly as many users as it should, and i'm not sure why that is.

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@indie I've just informed the people of my instance (which is an italian instance run by an anarchist group) about the existence of ecosteader and indigedon to help interaction πŸ˜‰

About the link on the page: we are working on a list of suggested instances based on certain criteria (instances not too small and not too big, centered to a certain topic/community and with an antifascist policy).

We are still discussing about the Instance's description and how to organize the list.

In the next weeks we will work on it πŸ‘

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