No, you're not going to put or pump fracked gas through any pipelines in Oregon.

The CORRUPTION of Trump's guys (and they are all corrupt) is overwhelming sometimes:

"Bernhardt is already under fire for possible ethics violations during his prior stint as assistant interior secretary under Ryan Zinke."

"During his interior department tenure, Bernhardt has been an architect of some of the agency’s most controversial and consequential decisions, including stripping wildlife protections and leasing large swaths of public lands to oil and gas companies.

Jordan Cove is a major priority of western oil and gas interests, since it would probably lead to expanded drilling ... It has faced strident opposition from indigenous people, environmentalists, and landowners concerned about climate change, impacts on waterways, and the use of eminent domain to seize land."

Hey folks, this is still very much relevant news

"“It’s just a bad idea,” said protester Bernadette Bourassa, of Eugene, referring to the pipeline project. “It’s a continuation of the extraction industry where a few corporate billionaires get another millions, or billions. There’s nothing in it for people.”

The proposed marine terminal, in Coos Bay, Oregon, would allow export of American liquid natural gas to Asia, and would have a 230-mile (370-kilometer) feeder pipeline from an interstate gas hub in southern Oregon’s Klamath County."

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"Our successes have shown the industry we are an opponent to fear, as communities rise up to stop them. To put it bluntly, frackers hate us because they know we can win."

Long-term data shows fracking damages are worse than predicted: "We were concerned at the initial signs many years ago that fracking was unsafe. And over time, the science has shown that we were right:

FACT: Fracking is sucking up precious water resources.
FACT: Fracking causes earthquakes.
FACT: There is growing concern about a surge in rare childhood cancers in fracking-heavy regions.
FACT: Chemicals like benzene and methanol are often present in the injection fluids.
FACT: Despite the industry spin calling fracked gas a clean ‘bridge fuel,’ the methane leaking from every phase of the fracking process is driving us towards climate catastrophe."

Alliances in this fight: "We have stood with our allies in New York and across the nation to oppose fracking, and with people power on our side we’ve continued to stop the fracking industry’s progress.

The United Nations’ special panel on climate change has said that we must massively curb carbon emissions within ten years, or face more intense catastrophes. It is quite literally a race to either ban fracking everywhere, or for the frackers to sink their teeth deeper into the United States with new pipelines, wells and power plants."

Good news, right? But banning is not enough. LNG does not make sense anywhere alternative is available. In many cases, regions can produce their own cheaper and more efficiently if they manage their , and correctly.

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