Should you care about the Puffin? Alaska was where I attended kindergarten 33 years ago; it is a place very dear to my heart.

I most certainly do care about the gentle Puffin, so this was some difficult news to read... 😢

The Puffin population in Alaska are starving to death over the warming Bering Sea.

"It wasn't hard to work out the likely cause behind such an unusual surge in deaths. Necropsies on several of the bodies confirmed they were emaciated, with severe loss of mass in their wing muscles.

Ruling out various toxins and illnesses, it was fair to say the birds simply starved to death."

"More than half the population living around the local islands may have died. And, if the higher estimates are accurate, it's possible nearly all of the puffins died in this single event."


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Another heartwarming story about the of and the strong spiritual canvas of a six-year-old.

"I had known how to get “out of my head” since I was six years old. As one of the last Unangan to experience a true traditional upbringing, I could walk the three miles from the village out to the bird cliffs even as a very young child. There, I could be amid the tens of thousands of migratory seabirds that came to the island to breed: thick-billed and common murres, red and black-legged kittiwakes, tufted and horned puffins, least auklets, crested auklets, pelagic cormorants, red-faced cormorants, fulmars, and seagulls. I noticed how thousands of birds darted diagonally, up and down, left to right, and right to left, flying at different speeds and in different directions simultaneously without ever even clipping another’s wing. In my six-year-old mind, I decided that the only difference between those birds and myself was that they existed in a vast field of awareness rather than an intellectual thought process, although I did not use such words at the time. I wanted to be like a bird, so, after months of effort, I developed the capacity to maintain this state of “awareness without thinking” for several hours at a time. That was when the magic happened: I could sense many things I’d never experienced before, and my world expanded enormously."

Probably should clarify: the beginning of this thread about the puffins off the Bering Sea dying of starvation is definitely not heartwarming.

Like the author of the article, though, my six-year-old self had (still has) a strong spiritual connection to those seabirds.

After we'd left Alaska and I started first grade in the lower 48, I remember the kids would make fun of me and call me an "Eskimo" when they heard I'd moved there from Alaska.

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