Farmers and salmon advocates agree: it's time to talk about the Snake River dams

Dams, removal works. Maybe the still-endangered can recover with retrocausality.

Chin'u uk Wa'_ Attitude, it seems, requires more advanced thinking than most settlers are capable of mustering. They haven't the patience; and their faulty ideas about "insurance" claims indicates they never will.

:: Settlers gotta be OUT/,
Not just out, but OFF/ .


"When they already had
the timeout so long!"

"So long"

See that?

in Congress made their greed apparent with their bill designed to put salmon into extinction; (reported in 2018): "House Resolution 3144 seeks to overturn multiple federal court decisions that protect endangered salmon and steelhead." Kawahara, an Alaskan fisherman said, "We expect our elected officials to bring people together and work on solutions... instead, we get this divisive bill that locks in failure and conflict. HR 3144 will have a devastating effect on salmon and our region's salmon-fishing sector."

"From populations numbering 130,000 fish in the 1950s, wild Snake River spring Chinook salmon dropped to approximately 5,800 in 2017. Thirteen populations are listed under the Endangered Species Act, and all four salmon and steelhead populations in the Snake River Basin are at risk of extinction, according to NOAA Fisheries. The dwindling number of salmon is having ripple effects across the food chain. In Washington State, only 73 Southern Resident orcas remain, due in part to the lack of Chinook salmon, their main prey."

2020 Update:

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