Wasn't it inevitable that their denial

of obvious things would catch up with them sooner or later?

Let's examine a commonly-known pattern of "resource extraction" among the colonists, as they have imposed their mega-ton machinery upon the geology of the mid-plains and where it drains (ex. Bayou Corne, Deepwater Horizion, many more):

Drill, suck, rape, drought.
Drought below, weakness, swamp, .

(The vector in this pattern is moving toward increased weakness, attributable to weak men destroying what does not belong to them; they are bound to their sunk costs.)

Tumultuous storms increasing in frequency and duration:


Flooding, and the gravity that comes with it.

Maybe flushing out the all the doomed sickness and disease it doesn't want.


"The current status of mapping karst areas and availability of public sinkhole-risk resources in karst terrains of the United StatesEtat actuel de la cartographie des zones karstiques et de la disponibilité des données publiques concernant le risque d’effondrement de dolines dans les terrains karstiques aux Etats-Unis d’AmériqueEl estado actual del mapeo de áreas kársticas y la disponibilidad de recursos públicos para el riesgo de hundimientos en terrenos de karst de los Estados Unidos美国岩溶地区绘图现状及岩溶地形公共落水洞—风险资源的可用性O estado atual do mapeamento de áreas cársticas e disponibilidade de recursos públicos sobre riscos de sumidouros em terrenos cársticos dos Estados Unidos"

The harsh reality is that you cannot buy your way out of a ( nor from other gravity available in the Universe ).

All the toxic men hurting Earth's creatures with machines of war (and the promotion of war) their industrial liabilities.

Sovereign nations around the world told them long ago the penalties would indeed be harsh. (TEK )

The bimbos in what they call "real estate" schools of the NAR have no idea what correct or ethical land use is about. Their NRA buddies don't either. They are the perpetrators often directly against each other; never victim.


There be an unsustainable system.

Time to put smarter people in charge. We recommend Native women and their supporters.

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