How to build ?

✅ Try to find and network with people who care.

✅ Do a land acknowledgement.

✅ Acknowledge MaMI, and explicitly exclude perpetrators and their associates.

✅ Source and hire locally.

✅ Share good ideas globally.

No American City Has Ever Tried a Climate Justice Tax Like the One Portland Is Launching

"It's long past time for Portland, a city with a history of institutionalized racism, to move aggressively toward equity, Hardesty and others say."

"It's a local version of the Green New Deal proposed in 2019 by U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). It's also part of a larger political effort to reshape who calls the shots—and who benefits."

The new tax, created by a 2018 ballot initiative city voters passed by an overwhelming margin, is part of a power shift that saw two outsiders—Chloe Eudaly in 2016 and Jo Ann Hardesty in 2018—defeat establishment candidates for seats on the Portland City Council."

@syndikalista The secret hint is on the photo: Missing and Murdered Indigenous women. I guess I was slightly off based on the hashtag that people use: (Women and Girls)

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