Anchorage Daily News is reporting, the recall campaign against Gov. Dunleavy is "accelerating". His record on conservation-related issues is absolutely atrocious, as the report cards from 2014 show.

Why weren't his obvious failures to respect Alaskans addressed sooner? Article mentioned he recently spewed some garbage about "potential collaboration," but (as the organizer of the protest stated) he lies.

"“The governor’s violation of separation of powers and misuse of state funds, and the impacts of his misguided, ill-advised attempts to decrease government spending in Alaska were all a part of CIRI’s wake-up call.” Minich says CIRI is one of the state’s economic “powerhouses,” and it supports removing the governor from office in order to head off what it believes are disastrous policies for residents and the business community. Like most Alaska Native Corporations, CIRI rarely wades so openly into contentious political fights.

“Are we being good corporate citizens if we stand by in silence while this administration takes actions that are in opposition of our values and of our culture? Our answer to these questions was a resounding: no,” she said."

"A coalition of Native organizations, including United Tribes of Bristol Bay, Gwichin Steering Comittee, Native Peoples Action, Orutsararmiut Native Council, and Native Movement, are calling on Alaskan Native leadership to move with urgency to address climate change and stop harmful projects. This year’s AFN theme, “Good Government: Alaskan Driven,” encourages a conversation about tribal sovereignty as a solution for our people’s well-being. rights are the remedy for this crisis."


Wow, money that taxpayers want to go to PBS and the University of Alaska is instead going to the companies operating PRISONS FOR REFUGEES

$49,159,169.00 for 6 months? (Line 40)

Because anyone who loves the Arctic should care:

The recall to get Dunleavy to stop brutally murdering Alaska? Yeah, it's working. So many prayers answered.

He'll be out; that much is obvious. Though the expediency of this removal? That cannot be emphasized enough. )

"An Anchorage Superior Court judge ruled Friday in favor of the recall campaign against Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy, saying the Division of Elections incorrectly rejected the effort.

“This is a question for the voters, and the constitution makes that very clear”

He is no match for the kind of transparency Alaska knows. The only monsters in Alaska talk and look and dress just like him.

The ousting of all these men should happen at once!

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