is not that hard and composting to keep valuable plant nutrients out of landfills is important. I am still bleeping astonished that the company that owns this (and at least 7+ other old high-rent apartment buildings in Portland) is so fucking (whoops, forgot the bleeps on this one) stupid and ignorant.

As the nation becomes more and more suffocated by the greedy and , sometimes you've gotta be brave and tell it like it is... even if you're just a tenant.


Welcome to the of Landlords, whose greed for money causes people to move around and live such a transient, disposable life that they have to throw away half of their belongings every time they move?

Yeah, that's partially it, but people are just fucking stupid.

There is an equal-sized dumpster with mixed recycling options for paper, plastic, and metal literally 3 feet away from this dumpster.

What a sickening and disgusting, disgusting sight, eh? Portland is not as great of a place as I thought it was. Its suburbs are much smarter.

Showing also the "wall of text" excuses the spokesperson paid by the landlord company sent me when I asked about composting.

May their "equities" and souls burn in overflowing dumpsters like these, forever inhaling the toxic fumes of their own willful ignorance.

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