The sign received many compliments tonight. They loved the lights. I figured night protest needs lots of sparkly shiny things.

A reporter from PDX's KOIN news station got lots of footage of the protesters; (I noticed her shirt and checked her feed on the 🚫 birdsite). Several signs made the news.

We knew what was coming today. A handful of corrupt af RepubliKKKans destroying Democracy for shits and giggles.

More than a handful of people showed up to show they aren't okay with that.

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On the bus back from the protest two weeks ago (with the sign lit up, of course!), some lady asked me what was. After I explained the acronym, she just nodded silently.

Since then, I've been thinking about this: why were these the messages that wanted to be on the sign I carried to the protest of the TRE45ONIST's acquittal by corrupt Senators? How can I explain better that these things: "white collar criminals" waist-deep in greedy oil-based ventures -- these guys are literally the entities responsible for the MMIW epidemic, and literally ALL of the injustices that native people experience?

These disappearances, kidnappings, murders, arrests, and other harassment of native women aren't making news because the egomaniac in chief cannot stand to have anything that isn't about him.

Mark Charles says the best way to defeat 45 (and his allies he is literally sewn into) is to take away his audience; that is, deplatform 45. That the MAGA maggots' message is "uninteresting" is fact. In an information economy, "uninteresting" things are supposed to get cancelled.

Unfortunately, the deeply-flawed electoral politic failed at cancelling the monster. The monster wants to get bigger, on more screens and more airwaves and more channels.

To ensure that I, personally, don't inadvertently contribute to giving him an audience, it is essential that the correct message of what is wrong... that message needs to be prominent. The good humans deserve justice; I cried reading this story:

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Sorry, folks; made mistake.

Was an idealistic wish that a colonial government could ever ¨Honor the Treaties¨.

Was a mistaken notion that any legal framework created within the artificial borders known as the ¨United States of America¨ or colonized Canada could deliver justice to indigenous peoples. Youth do not have a chance to make informed choices about their futures when they have been deliberately misled on the facts.

Time-series algorithms indicate ¨justice¨ is almost certainly to never happen; any so called accounting or treaty reconciliation never has and never would balance. The value of a plant or animal ecosystem does not translate into colonizer languages, and thus cannot be quantified when misused, abused, or stolen, or stewarded incorrectly, and giving colonizers ¨more time¨ is not an option.

None of this is new news.

The thing about timelines is that ... by the time the majority of folk realize their own world, is too late for them to secure anything.

The Twoettersplat plane: that cold, lifeless behemoth of corporate-controlled viral manipulation will never want to disclose the trending of its own death. It, too wants you piping data to its fascist hubs of landlord cartels and Realtors banking on continuation of the colonial deed system in the US of A. Those Realtor cartels and landlords are who Twoetter chose (and chooses) to host; be warned, is bad to be near any energy feeding those especially toxic beings.


[2] Other relevant posts: ¨Philanthropy is not mutual aid¨:

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