Mark Charles explains his intent to follow the correct protocol for how to run any kind of "campaign" on Turtle Island. No US Presidential candidate has ever done this; however, he is taking the time to do it right:

~ "If I'd ran in the party, just like every other PoC -- Kammela Harris, Cory Booker, etc -- my campaign would now be winding down instead of gaining momentum."


THE best part of this video (at least so far, haven't finished it yet) is where he explains IN REAL LIVESTREAM that he is getting written out of "mainstream" campaign stories.

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Seriously. Even in "reality tv" shows they make an effort to have a diverse group of characters. That the primaries have already eliminated from the conversation pretty much every Person of Color (as Mark Charles predicted they would) is disappointing.

Tomorrow afternoon an open discussion (not a "talk at you" like some bougie are apt to do)

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