Made a kitty igloo out of a box and a cool blanket.

Schrödinger's igloo.

Plot twist: Schrödinger's igloos create frozen time wormholes, If and only if the polar bears ... (... something ...).

When people are amazed that this little guy is 20 y.o. going strong I tell them: really. He's not that old. Methinks modern society has largely forgotten how to take care of cats.

(Okay, am really going offline for the day now.)


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@simonthecat seems to be enjoying his kitty igloo; many naps have been had.

Adding an tag and a brief note that one of my siblings once had a very close encounter with polar bears near (?) at (?) the Alaska Zoo.

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Kitty emerges from igloo and joins me working at the desk. Blinks. Little crackly kitty purrs breaking up the silence between intermittent keyboard clacks here and there.

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