The entities who want to create and control a "police state" -- to either intentionally or inadvertently make excessive money for oligarchs -- are pushing a political ideology of fascism.

Often the oligarchs are domestic corporations (or cartels of corporations) that, like zombies, are for all practical purposes dead. They are dead and have no future; they cannot compete against the small innovators and "out of the box" thinkers who have recovered.

Any unsustainable practice (drilling oil, fracking gas, mining, to name a few) is by definition UNSUSTAINABLE. It is mathematically impossible to sustain an unsustainable business, no matter what side of the globe you're on.

Society can and should collectively oppose and dismantle those bankrupt bad ideas.

Fascists are angry and fearful.
They make help books for that.

4014 parts per billion of noxious CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning concentrated right around where the fascists were trying to deploy LNG pipelines?

Are those cops getting "mad" and "sad" they can't sell out their own country ?

@indie this is a tangent but I was at a national chain bookstore recently and all the "self-help" books were diet books.

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