Took bus and MAX and bus to the yesterday. When there are so many things to do, priorities become necessary.

My solstice lodge "mandate" (afaic understand) has been exhausting. Decolonization takes work. Not the kind you can buy.

Been thinking about this passage and how essential it is to stop the "dehumanizing" of women and marginalized people (PoC).

Survivors have every reason to reject Christianity and all of its attempts at "reform". Boarding schools, or "charter schools" as the Evil Betsy DeVos calls them, are pushing false narratives for money. Salesforce and TRE45ONIST have teamed up to put prison camps for children on their borders. They knowingly push false narratives and distortions of facts, wanting so badly to believe their own falsehoods have some legitimacy.

Spoiler alert: they don't.

The reality is that corrupt people have been murdering innocent red and black and brown and "yellow" people for centuries. There's no such thing as an innocent white angel.

When Obama did things that made those men who were so used to being the center of everything less "central", in order to let oppressed voices be heard, those white dudes got scared. For the first time, they couldn't hijack the conversations and make it all about them. For a brief while, women and PoC were heard.

Much in this volume belongs in the national discourse.

Today is a national holiday, but this "holiday" (President's Day) is nothing for anybody to be proud of. Remind your fellow humans to "smash those delusions" and get back to listening to the survivors.

Decolonization (o Decolonización)

Muy importante to mute all the white guys (and yes, their ancestors DID colonize toward the Bermuda Triangle) whose impatience and paranoia render all of their opinions invalid.

A scientific analysis requires inclusion of continentally-oriented indigenous languages.

Takes a long time to learn how to listen.




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