It's a good thing there are going to be two events coming up in Portland and Vancouver; the more people who hear (not oppress) indigenous voices, the better.

Our friend had at least one of his social media accounts attacked by "Fragile White Redditors" (AKA Hateful, Angry white guys) trying to oppress his messages.

Let's show him that the doesn't cater to those fragile colonial fears.

Caption: "Over a dozen messages downvoted on Reddit, such that the communicator has essentially been removed from all discussions."

Hey , if you need something to do tonight, head over to Taborspace, and give Mark Charles a donation.

If you want free decals, I'll have a few of those to give away, too.

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One of the artists who showed up for the event. If I understood him correctly, these prints are from some (what is now considered "old school") film photography taken at Standing Rock.

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Even if you are not a resident of metro, this might be an interesting podcast to listen to for some insight on how a community can handle (or not handle, as the case may be) cleanup for something like toxic radioactive Plutonium.

''The Hanford Nuclear Reservation - along the Columbia River 200 miles upstream from Portland, is one of the most contaminated places on the planet. Once a bustling production facility for Plutonium and later a proposed site for the United States' permanent nuclear waste repository, it now houses a nasty concentration of radioactive and toxic chemical waste that was supposed to be cleaned up years ago. Cleaning up that waste has been the main mission at the site since 1989, and experts say there are decades of work remaining, at an estimated cost of $3 billion a year to adhere to a legal agreement between the state and federal governments that sets deadlines for the cleanup. But last month the Trump administration once again proposed to cut 700,000 million dollars from the Hanford Cleanup Budget budget."

As a side note: this radio station -- KBOO -- also hosts a podcast from the artist named Chris Francisco featured in the postcards above; it is a great independent radio resource.

RE: Coercive sales tactics using "time-sensitive" language being pushed by panicked agents.

If you've done your research and know the general direction something is headed, be especially leery of anyone who tells you that "time is money". It is not.

The interviewee mentioned there's currently a "cheap shortcut" being proposed that tribes in the region are vehemently opposed to, for obvious reasons.

The leaking tanks are contaminating ground water, ecosystems, and the federal government wants to back out of its obligation to PAY FOR AND PROPERLY CLEAN UP its mess. This is its non-retractable legal obligation on the state's land, no matter how long it takes to clean up.

The decommissioned site has toxic chemical and radioactive waste that will literally poison everything downriver, downstream and downwind. Volumetric waste stored on the site (figures mentioned in the interview) equivalent to "an apartment building four stories tall and five blocks wide" ... of poison needing removed. 🤮 Cleanup has been ongoing for 30+ yrs and requires 1000+ year-long horizon planning.

Unfortunately, the economic model they perpetuate has everything in common with concentration camps for migrants, where FRAUD IS RAMPANT and "contractors for hire" foam at the mouth 💥 for multi-million dollar contracts where any kind of negligent or murderous behavior can be rationalized if the price tag is high enough.

The dudes profiting try to hide under shell corps, but they are not invisible. They like real estate deals and big trucks with extended cabs and gun racks, expensive hats and clothes and status symbols, having high follower or "friend" counts on popular social media platforms, and they really hate taxes.

So, to appeal even more to these already corrupt beings, Trump's Toxic Dumpsters are today offering shiny tax breaks to offset the crashing economy. Spoiler alert: it's not going to work.



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High-demand, eco-friendly of the future include many jobs in the hazardous field of :

"Lead Botanical Operations". [1]

The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation is hiring an individual to support ecological restoration and vegetation management activities by assisting with botanical work, field assessment studies, and the maintenance of the Field Station facility. Work will be done at the CTUIR Field Station and at off-site locations, including on the United States Department of Energy (USDOE) Hanford Site and the Hanford Reach National Monument. Off-site work will require repeated long days in the field and possible over-night stays.

"Superfund Site Cleanup Team" [2]

The Yakama Nation and the states of Oregon and Washington are asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to declare a new Superfund site on the Columbia River at Bradford Island alongside Bonneville Dam.

The federal government used Bradford Island as a dump site for decades. It hosted a landfill as well as discarded hydroelectric equipment containing the toxic pollutant polychlorinated biphenyl, or PCB.

"Repairer of Contaminated Sites" [3]

"Open debris piles on and in the Matanuska River... The Alaska Railroad initially placed railroad cars at the site in the 1960’s to help stabilize the river bank. After the railroad cars were placed, the site was used as an unpermitted open dump. Trash, including vehicles, household garbage, fuel cans and 55-gallon drums, scrap metal, and other miscellaneous debris were discarded there. River channels run through and next to the dump at all times of the year, impacting the river’s water quality. Visible sheens have been observed in the river. This open dump is within the Drinking Water Protection Area for a minimum of three public water systems."

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Probably, this is the one where everyone who finagled the contracts to get gov't money ends up dumped in the literal toxic waste bin? (That really is where all the suit-wearing men belong. But where to store that toxic waste?)

"With headquarters in Irving, Texas, Fluor ranks 164 on the Fortune 500 list with revenue of $19.2 billion in 2018 and has more than 53,000 employees worldwide.

Established in 1943, the Hanford Site's original mission was to produce plutonium for national defense. Operations to make the raw materials for nuclear weapons continued until the late 1980s. In 1989, Hanford's mission shifted from production of weapons material to waste management and environmental cleanup."

So the answer to the "typo" depends on how many sites they "manage"[1]. Their partners in crime, the corruptest US government under this administration is beyond murderous. They've continually shown that money is all that matters to them.

"the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) selected Central Plateau Cleanup Company, LLC, an AECOM Management Services Group-led joint venture with Fluor and Atkins, to lead the Central Plateau Cleanup Contract at the DOE’s Hanford site near Richland, Washington. The single indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract is valued at up to $10 billion over a 10-year ordering period of performance." [2]

More info on the shell corps:

"Aecom Management Services in Germantown, Md.; Fluor Federal Services in Greenville, S.C.; and Atkins Nuclear Secured in Oak Ridge, Tenn."

[2] press release

@indie Grow some flowers to cover up the toxic waste? Is that the job here? 😏

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