"Mu ni'n nenuaqapnaq pitu'nugumijaq ... "

Means roughly ~ "I did not know my great-grandmother."

Her daughter, my maternal grandmother, passed away in 1972, a little over seven years before I was born. While the US Censuses[1] were taken during the 1800's, at least one of my great grandmothers was not counted as a living, breathing human by colonist standards. Colonists whose ships landed on the East coast may have been fleeing oppression in their initial waves of arrival, but they brought with them insanities of Christianity and capitalism[2], which soon after arrival, they smashed together into a racist government [screenshot 2 describes the 1790 Census taken by George Washington's administration sought to count the numbers of "Whites" with a capital W.]

As a result, the waves of white settlers got bigger and the more people who showed up, the harder it was for them to see the humans who lived here as humans... they saw only the land and each other and invented the first denomination of what has come to be excessive colonial money ... desperate to claim some form of entitlement.

1790 was the first year of the first US Census[3]. It was not a mistake or neglect that failed to count her household as humans ... it was white supremacy, patriarchy and male-dominated society with deliberate intent to exclude non-white, AKA non-European (English and French) language speakers.

Map has several First Nations and unceded territories, peoples, place names on an undefined border between what is present-day US and Canada (the so-called US of A and KKKanada).

[2] Both English and Spanish are Colonial languages; it has been said that "Spanish is the language of commerce and the Catholic church.

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