There was only one Hacker Dojo; it was at 140B in 2009, (A&B eventually merged into B) next to a large gym training young gymnasts.

Facebook was this "thing" that no real hacktivist trusted (the best ones still do not!), and most social events were organized and promoted via wikis, Tweets, and email lists.

Realtors and landlords of SV had (still have) one favorite topic: the price of rents. How much exploitation can they get out of someone willing to work so they don't have to get dirty? It's a boring existence to be enslaved to them.

One of my on-foot routes[1] to 140B took me down a large hill that had a cross street dangerously near zero visibility from the hill's vantage point. Automobile traffic coming down the hill had a very steep angle to come down, which drastically reduced reaction time when needing to brake or make other vehicular adjustments. Never forget gravity down hills. This traffic intersection always concerned me for the bicyclists and other pedestrian traffic passing by on the cross street.

The crew that founded the Dojo ... we were an interesting mix of mostly unglamorous. Early work included renovating, cleaning up after partiers left, and helping with the perpetually unorganized bookshelves. Going from "industrial office" to "office industrial" (prior to being the Dojo, 140 A & B were a glass art studio). Yes, made sure several of our recycling pipelines were aptly marked!

For all the work, energy and effort I put into working for these entities it was an entirely unpaid, mostly a thankless and anonymous job. Included on this post is a screenshot from my Social Security income record for the years I was a volunteer janitor AKA homeless person who spent time on the streets. Being force-fed the greatness of Capitalist Christian Realtor economics.

How much in their broken system has actually changed?

[1] For a few months, I walked to 140B from California Street (no not California Ave in Palo Alto. California Street in Mountain View.)

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