Apologies for not documenting the Ecostead outside project in more detail right now; some minor finishing details are still being worked out.

We've had some amazing luck with recycled/reclaimed wood saved from the teardown (yes, it is original to the old house and it sat outside all of last winter, with just tarps!). Mixing in a few presumably-newer lumber yard rejects from the ReBuilding Center[2] that match up pretty well.

If your metro area doesn't have something like this[1] by now, start one of your own and let us know! We'll revive something like that old directory[3] soon. Or if we get even one corporate donation to help with indie's constantly-under-attack Linode server and its requisite maintenance costs.

For complete public accountable tax records, our year-to-date cash donations received total $0 and 00 cents. Not even a penny in the mail! Total colonist cash and rebuilding materials donated or given? Receipts still being totaled... [4]


[2] Wrote about the No. Portland-based ReBuilding Center on an old[3] post on a pre-Mastodon version of Ecosteader. While all you facebook addicts have been helping politicians donate your future to landlords and miscellaneous haters of the Ecosteader, things have gotten a lot worse for the natives and homeless people, haven't they? How long has it taken people to start talking about this?


[4] Do you have a checkbook with big zeroes and want a receipt from our B-Corp accountant?

Ecosteader & Company
P.O. Box 13
Forest Grove, OR 97116

Source of intent matters; we reserve the right to refuse or recycle any unwanted mail, including checks. FYI: there is no amount of money the Fascistbook, or any of its advertisers could offer that we'd accept .... Get off, stay logged off, and whereever there are screens, remember to TURN OFF the entities that are broadcasting POTUS NUMBER 45.

Mature dwarf Acer beside one wall containing some of the repurposed wood for natural materials as siding.

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