Back online last night, after the two day outage.

Would have been back online much sooner, but indie´s local ISP crashed in the middle of her updating the CSR and SSL cert reqs on the remote webserver (our webserver we pay for, which had recently fallen victim to another OOM crash, due to Linode expecting her, their paying customer, to optimize VMs around dockerized processes she is not using on this thing she is already overpaying for).

Yes . . . all of this in the infradrama attacking the little webmin maintaining ecosteader. Is perhaps some kind of strange reverse ¨Moore´s Law¨ on why this would happen?

Nobody can be expert in all things, and especially in techlandia -- if you do not exercise the muscles frequently enough, is easy to forget. The hops are supposed to be short and simple. Patience that youngins in the tech world are just youngins. Is okay for expired patience on things already patiently explained!

The elderly exotic @simonthecat is still healthy and strong, proud to still be vocal before the roosters. The diabetic Dine´ is resting more peacefully and doing well.

The beneficiaries of the non-colonial created by Ecosteader... those beneficiaries still are NARF and the comrades decentering whiteness. Kill the Queen (that hideous name placed by colonizers on both sides of Turtle Island!) ... mute/block/delete that Queen, save the Indian.

Let us start talking about how the colonized machines can really help the poor people ... then enact those things without any accountings of colonial dollars.

@emsenn posted this interesting tangent while we were down:

@indie it's so much maintenance! I appreciate you doing it and struggling with it.

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