The Philippines have been experiencing more frequent and severe damage from storms at what can accurately be described as an ¨accelerating¨ rate.

People were getting sick of rebuilding only to have their work downed by the next storm.

So, in 2014, some of them decided to rethink/DECOLONIZE how housing and shelters are done, based on successful models in the US and Malawi. Rebuilding amid unpredictable storms was often futile, so they rethought their community around an model, adapted as a Windship.

This fascinating documentary (2015) interviews Earthship architect Mike Reynolds, and several young and old folks building self-sustainable biotecture projects that can be climate-specific for a region.

¨The building is earth-bermed and the vaulted concrete roof allows wind to pass over but not lift up the structure.¨

Quite a bit of climate chaos since 2015, and no signs of it letting up, eh?

Living with the daily realities on a planet in retaliation mode means adapting outside of the ¨law¨ and government; these static things are inflexible and unresponsive to dynamic systems. They CANNOT keep pace with the realities of a dynamic and reactive planet.

Indeed, the worst parts of the project have been these inflexible things. Really enjoyed hearing about how Reynolds has successfully worked around outdated and inefficient government systems. (HINT: is easier to do outside of the US than in!)

We are not going to run out of trash or refuge material. Hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons and landslides all decompose weak systems. Smart societies rebuild more intelligently.

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