@emsenn Beastie Boys put out a song with astoundingly mysognistic lyrics in ¨Girls¨ way back when. I remember being really skeptical and disbelieving when my peers explained to me that those lyrics were ¨just a joke¨ and it was a happy, nice song. Did not sound that way to me.

Yeah, they got big, but they did not mature as musicians until way later, if ever.

Have not heard that about Redbone though.

This is just the PR´d take of their song, so Google and JC Penny want people to believe the happy take?

@indie The "mishear" really comes down to whether you hear "hair" or "head" as the lyric.

In most recent interviews and performances, it's more clearly "head" and so can be heard, honestly, either way, as a "you're perfect the way you are, girlfriend" song, or a "somethings wrong with you but you can change it, listener," song. It wouldn't be the only rock song that has a subtler meaning.

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