It is the beginning of the month! Are you a PoC too far behind on your rent to the slavemaster, and getting evicted illegally?

Maybe watch this[1] full-length documentary on how the settlers who colonized the North American continent segregated and impoverished through something called a ¨racial covenant¨ written right onto the deeds. Then start cussing out your landlords because their ancestors manufactured urban poverty.

Doc has a great intro to the parent idea of racial covenants, which are called ¨restrictive covenants¨ and involve ¨redlining¨ as ways the early whites settled towns, dividing the PoCs to live in the ¨undesirable¨ neighborhoods and all the white settlers to the favorable ones.

Images on this post EXPLICITLY state the wishes of the white settlers to push the colored folks into the littlest boxes in the sickest parts of the towns.

Ecosteader corporate papers explicitly incorporate anti-racist ideals into our urban planning and ideals; to correctly acknowledge the correct things, we cannot build our land acknowledgements on incorrect and short-sighted colonial-worded deeds perpetuated by racism that has been PROVEN BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.


Brokers are the top realty agents whose models rent out a bunch of desks and ¨rights¨ to use signs and legal papers (colonial deed system) and the database of properties for sale to aspiring Brokers (Realtors).

Brokerages are, at the most simple definition, pyramid schemes. For another glimpse into the illegal eviction machine that only the people can stop, video [2].



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