A heron of some sort in the creek by the apt building... hiked all the way to the Hoyt Arboretum this morning, and this little guy was right here when I got back.

Indigenous peoples' rights:

Use a trailing apostrophe. Ownership belongs to the different peoples.

There are many peoples, and they each have different languages. That they had unification before wasicu arrived is apparent by evidence in carbon dating; artifacts (artefacts) and techniques in tools (spearpoints, pottery, baskets, clothing, and the most advanced methods of shelter construction) in the fossil and other records indicate substantial evidence.

Tmgwati'gnej's said to have told a story once, and in (with) Algonquin attention to detail.

Was the tmgwati'gnej in fanno creek this day rightfully concerned?

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Another local tmgwati´gnej looking for a morning meal the other day. This one not seeming as concerned as the January creek watcher in the human city neighborhood.

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