Fascists want to control more than they can manage. Fascists want to invade and take over people and their minds. Most people are not aware of danger, weak, and deeply colonized.

Every time you see the facebook "f" think FASCIST. Where the white man's dead infinity sign -- apathy and that VR helmet brain welded into Nazi ideologies.

A decade ago he controlled over 90 percent of the corp's $USD and $CAD-based censorship powers.

Today he controls ~88 percent of the 10X voting shares that neither you nor I can buy.

Important indigenous events happened the last 12 years, he gaslights reporters into promoting Euro-drama about his own economic insecurity overseas, war through all the arrogant media channels. Gun violence between blacks and white cops.

Stop assisting his funding of Stanford Prison experiments; <SPOILER ALERT> he throws everyone ABIPoC under the bus; he is neither stronger nor smarter than the west coast Grandmothers.

Help your family and friends delete this evil corporation from their mobile phones and delete all the tracking cookies from their browsers.

Break up with handsome and beautiful ppl who refuse to delete their profiles, and let me know where are the ones who want live and thrive?

Earth is not a better happier place because people worship coloniZerberg!

Any clicks sent his way by Bing or Google decals that end up in Facebook networks' control dneed gifted to the most alented INDIGENOUS/LATINX TWO-SPIRIT OR WOMEN OF COLOR

Let them all go free. Stop creating drama and coering natives into being GAMED by your fears.

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"Ahhhhh-ha! The younger mathematicians are starting to understand.... let us expand descriptor data science he does not understand as 'Large numbers.'"

"And what did he do to uh -- earn ("????_") suh-such large numbers?"

"Mined the blood of oppressed indigenous peoples! They not dead, they been living on government-subsidized reservations, being murdered, raped, experimented upon by greedy descendants of the 13 colonies."

"Another vampire from Culver City? Yeah, makes sense! Not only is there a pattern in the stupidity, also easy enough to take out."

"Always time for Tecumseh and Haida to stop Italian accounting vampires on Bikéyah, "

>>> an obsidian knife sails through the air a distance of ~1540 strides and pierces a piece of plastic-with a printed blue f logo on it.

>>> As the Piece of floating plastic trash that washed up on the shore. Haida energy from love and light of Mauna Loa burn down plastic, ink, paper, and printers that worship the fascist dreams of young entrepreneurs.

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Navajo YouTubers are a good thing to search for on YT to get to know different kinds of people.

But to see them showcase artist after artist trapped in Zuckerberg hell?

Makes me cry. Does anyone want to cry with me? I don't want to start a YT channel about crying.

I know Zuck is evil and aggressively attacks and colonized/es the Navajos because they were an easy target -- just like he did with the already oppressed Paiute people who were coerced into Facebook groups in Winnemucca,

Zuck's Nazi ancestors killed in greed as they plowed west for uranium to make intercontinental war. Lithium in NV is same scenario -- is not cheap for him to be financially married to "China"

Descendants of the 13 colonies always are.

His networks cannot claim to not know all about the Asian and child slave laborers, which is the real story one of those social advertising reporters needs to go check out and "not" post the investigation to FB or any monetized channel.

Don't be one of those natives he is using to pay his billionaire CEO income and taxes!

Have any of you ever looked at the rest of the Internet? Pinterest? Etsy? I can teach you to code better event than Instagram will ever make.

But nobody is free where he bills on RCT.


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Technical Writers Without Borders

Context: RCT

RCT in "China" is irrelevant to Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island

RCT timestamps in Ukraine/Russia are likely relevant to China, the safety and health of all indigenous roaming over the continent where "Rome" and all of its existing sadistic Europeans gather to brutality for "entertainment" purposes.

Anywhere potentially psychotic dictators like Zuck put timers on machines to create diversions, herd people like cows (he was so quick to jump into the stock market as CEO!) and invade somewhere not meant for machines?

Blowing up mountains is not a "hacker" thing to do, nor is it a part of "machine learning". These are not entertaining movies.


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Remap for the IndigenoUS

The entity responsible for the most genocide on indigenous peoples is Zuckerberg Platforms, Inc. Tortoise Mountaineers and Turtle Islanders deserve better; natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before State governments wtih delusions about government-subsidized "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic and we never needed your dollars.

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