How shall indie position her well-documented career as a collaboration point with the ¨aws¨ team?

Appreciation to the five two-leggeds who voted sofar. Interesting that nobody has yet picked the first option...

Why must audience be so small on this very important question needing more diverse nodes of a flockthink[1]?

Intuition is audience is small in quantity (of typing two-leggeds?) because indie refuses to pay to be heard. She will not pay white-supremacist controlled channels in any form of fiduciary-backed currency to advertise anything (because she is not selling anything their colonist cash can be exchanged for). She will not allow privacy compromises on her devices or at her internet access points (like browsers) for an entity like the or the SV marketing egomaniacs on :birdsite:. Earth is __so beyond the megacap of trite, oversubscribed models spewing vague pith and the echo chamber of its politically-driven dramas.

Deplatforming 45 in early 2021 when :birdsite: was ¨unmistakably¨ and ¨irrefutably¨ notified of corruption definition in 2017 means we can presume it is at least 3 years 8 months behind on everything else too. It kept the fascists and their kind while it outlawed the gentle author of ecosteader and her plant ICU (using same fascism as Bill Gates who once tried shutting down all mentions of ).


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