Vaccines for COVID are new little genetic creations out there. Not enough time has passed for assessment of potential variants, is peculiar that two residents of same county are now down with the virus AFTER receiving the recommended two-dose vaccine:

As the anti-corruption manifesto becomes increasingly too long for marketing.yml, each refinement (no not all of them are public on the github!) that identifies malicious nodes increases our value and efficiency.

13 million fine[2] is too little, given all the inflation that has happened


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Coronavirus ... and Other Variants Identified as Deadly (COVID)

Is anbody talking about this recent 2021_0212 new spike in daily deaths for the region Johns Hopkins is calling ¨United States¨? Numbers jumping erratically between extremes, signaling more exhaustion ... not by the virus, likely, but by the people

1.305K deaths counted on 2021_0207 and 5.443K only 5 days later.



@indie this is exactly why vaccines don't mean anytjing going back to normal. The virus has mutated at least twice by now.

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