Starting a thread on the discrepancies in cumulative count of fatal
cases. Whose data do you trust?

After following the various statistics a while now, it seems that Johns Hopkins[3] continually undercounts or minimizes the numbers compared to the other two large globally-oriented databases? By as much as 10,000 or 5,000 deaths? (2,562,730 - 2,551,200 is a difference of 11.5K deaths.

The JH[3] dashboard seems to be what Google[4] and other large media are using for their reporting, too.

Tangentially related article on native populations being undercounted or grouped as deaths in the white population:





@indie I trust none of them 100% because excess death statistics make clear they're all undercounting significantly. Also because there's large and varying amount of lag in the death reporting. Also Johns Hopkins data is somehow croudsourced and it's never been clear how.

With that said, they're all more or less good enough for purpose. 11k deaths discreprency worldwide is not much when 2k people are dying per day in the just the US still.

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