Q: Why is colonization so bad?

A: Brutal killings over political borders.

Today's MMIW story where the W is for ¨Warriors¨ who have been senselessly murdered by entities with political agendas. 11 of the 19 victims were from the Kaqchikel[3] language-speaking region, AKA Guatemala; we mourn with them.

The murders are Realtors and their landlord associates on both sides of the US-Mexico political border walls, where demands for colonial money (both pesos and US dollars are colonial money as both English and Spanish are colonizer languages) to perpetuate enforcement of corrupt police-controlled gates or roads.

Realtors and landlords NEED policing goons with guns and misguided loyalty to their Realtor-Landlord agendas. Is really obvious ... whether publicly thru taxpayer dollars, or privately thru shell corps and contracts, they need cops with guns to evict folks who cannot (or who refuse) pay their rents, commissions, and fees. Avoiding or attempting to avoid such systems should not result in fatalities or imprisonment of anyone involved!

¨Guatemalan authorities said Tuesday that five migrants survived the Jan. 22 massacre of 19 people, including 16 Guatemalans, in northern Mexico.

The migrants were being taken toward the U.S. border by people smugglers when one or two of the trucks came under fire, apparently from a state police unit¨[2]

¨“We are all asking for justice, to know why those police in Mexico killed him, they left his family, wife has three children and is pregnant,” said the sister. ¨[1]

¨A dozen state police officers have been charged in the killings in the township of Camargo. Two trucks were set on fire and the victims' bodies were so badly charred that identification has taken weeks. The bodies of 16 Guatemalans and two Mexicans have been identified; the 19th body is still undergoing tests.¨[2]




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