Valuable guide for decolonzing your computer and router from the biggest bullies selling your data, your friends´ and family´s data in the Internet world.

If you admin a router, is good idea to add all these sites to be BLOCKED both by your browser (cookies, x-site tracking) and, for (very diligent) admins can block at the firewall as well. Included screenshots of Firefox browser for examples.

If this seems like a little much, you are not alone in your concern for diligence. Now for the next bad news to any readers of Ecosteader who may also be tech luddites ... yeah, all those (I think Mark Zuckerber´s words were ¨Dumb Fucks¨) who _really think Fascistbook wants nothing in exchange for all of those warm, fuzzies .. you are in for bad, bad news:

Each cell/mobile phone needs these settings, too.

You can, in fact, go through all of the steps on your home computer / work machine / wherever AND still be tracked by the MALWARE of if you also look at , or if you message on its ¨Messenger¨ or if you browse Fascistbook on your mobile phone.

Is a different computer from your main desktop / workstation... sends pings to cellphone towers, bypassing security at the local level, where they may be configured differently. If insecure devices are on your local network, they are easy to compromise. Zoom exploits use this path frequently, though they never do anything but make the perpetrators look idiotic.

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Today´s lesson in Cat Vector Calculus involves... currency.

No, not capitalistic colonial cash currency. Cache and other forms of web-related currency.[0/index]

In the example screenshot, ¨space¨ is what the browser is dedicating to site data[1/En], and stored cookies for those sites. Local memory, temporary storage space, etc. On computers, this is easy to find and clear; on mobile devices... not so much.

[1/En+translation note: Note that if you are in a colonized country, descriptions can be very different from _decolonizing (second and third world) countries and their language translations, especially where the concept of space / or ¨disk space¨ is being translated. Subsequent translation into data harvesting language should be avoided except by native language speakers.

But back to currency.

Is a highly exploitable description, as most simple things are. For social media junkies, the concept of ¨currency¨ can be thought of as all those pings and noises that jolt your attention, giving you all your fake warm feelings... wow, how special you must be in your huge evil weak dying facebook world to still be alive. Hurry up and check your phone right now!

We told you so many times our orbits do not intersect. Read the documentation that exists. You will never find it on their servers. Facebook is fascistbook is the REALTOR MLS is landlord hell is American delusion will always take a back seat to TRIBAL LAW.

0/Index: ¨Currency¨ is one of those EN words that is similar to ¨Utility,¨ in that meaning of the word is almost useless without context. (¨Utility¨ as usefulness as well.


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