Admin, meta 

Webserver admin for our unchartered, uncapitalized fork of creative resistance... is akin to dealing with lots and lots of messy split ends (split ends as in hairs), all the time.

v 3.3 release has some admin features from our early-implemented Apache diffs that we like, so might try to merge some in. Having personally spent SO MUCH TIME ON bare metal machine coding and other nonhijackable protocols, I really am baffled and kind of angry that we cannot reach more natives in distress. The fragile white settlers´ networks try hijack everything! Of course, that is what they were built to do. Are there seriously so few people who care?

Our messages are full of truth and more people should be talking about them... instead of how many TRILLIONS the EUropean-descended occupants AKA the US gov´t congress wants drill out from indigenous lands to fund and sustain gunpowder-wielding military forces all over the globe.

Seems like life is running out of patience for humans.
Is no wonder evolved into Turtle Island´s best prediction engine for how to avoid the overwhelmingly toxic fb ppl and their zombied, dead planets.

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We are a tiny organization defending against the exploitation, hatred and greed of colonial empires and the monopolistic social media platforms they rely upon: Fascistbook and Twoetter.

Fewer than 900 Ecosteader decals exist.

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