Finished this a number of days ago, here some construction pics:

Indie recycled some leftover concrete form boards left on site... fashioned them into an above-ground planting space in an area where some peculiar slopes (grades) away from the structure make landscaping difficult. Plastic was 5+ year-old relic from previous landscaper, set down to hold weeds at bay and hold some some children´s playground type toys. Before the remodeling it had degraded into a mess of several invasive species.

Soils at this part of the yard were heavily compacted and had been starving many years for fresh organic material, so mixed in quite a great deal of composts and planting mix. Also decided the dull white concrete dust look does not jive w/ecostead, added some Chinook-inspired colors.

The plastic around the inside of the planter folded up to hold in water (vapor barrier) and should help the wood last much longer (dirt on wood is usually not recommended).

These forms, my professional concrete industry-working union bro says, are valued by professionals in the concrete world due to the type of wood´s strength (what they call ¨Doug Fir¨ is Oregon state tree) in making 90 degree angles needed on corners and such when doing concrete forms and foundations.

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