Over 95 percent of today's are stalked and harassed by their assailants on fb and Instalkergram... (99 percent of ).

These warriors are why indie built Ecosteader, to help them have a place to escape and be strong together, free from the cunning exploitation perpetating white supremacy.

But she is up against a giant, and she has literally no help. Can you find what minn0w.pdx said on her public page _without_ logging into the fascist network?

Native people: why you support white man instead of indigenous women?? Why white men do is usually pretty predictable, but you need to be better than them. Have you forgotten that nothing scares them more than a strong, independent indigenous woman.

Of course they want to corral her into cages they control, to isolate her from her people.

They can and do everything in their power to demean and oppress her. To silence her, and make sure her voice is never heard outside the cage. They feed her dog food (little crumbs of sustenance in mental health) for posing nice, feminine things like cooking recipes or pictures of pets and flowers. The patriarchy knows exactly how to hurt women.

FB is the snake, the giant, the monster that stomps out the small, meek voices.

We know you wish it were not so, but is true.

Yeah, the FB shareholders love their buffet of "exotic" international women subjecting themselves (usually unwittingly) to aforementioned exploitation for colonial dollars. Indie made a HUGE mistake in saying she ever had respect for Sheryl Sandberg, the token white lady FB used to appear diverse. Evil men always have at least one hollow shell they need to abuse to stay in power.

Decolonization requires letting go of the delusion, and is not possible to do that within the cage they constructed for you.

When democracies do things to help small voices be heard, when the minority gets heard, the threat is too much for them. Whose side you are on is your choice, do not say you weren't warned.

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We are a tiny organization defending against the exploitation, hatred and greed of colonial empires and the monopolistic social media platforms they rely upon: Fascistbook and Twoetter.

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