Colonist trash spreads far and wide across the globe, sickening lands of indigenous people, native plants and animals. (Sorry WriteTheDocs crew, never was an Oxford comma kind of gal).

The obvious solution: require colonist empires to buy back their packaging, else they must offer refundable deposits on anything they refuse to recycle.

Or is it?

When carbon is taxed in colonial dollars, the colonists exploit decolonized (or decolonizing) people for their labor, creating unmeasurable violations of human rights

The perpetrators need not just be sued in colonial Latin laws; they need to entirely shut down.

Can also recommend u watch this:

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WHY YOU SHOULD -- the hatebook is accelerating genocide on PoC. Native Land Before Invasion was not hospitable to Eurocentric _______ (nouns). Nouns can be persons, places, things, or ideas.

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