Putting "Asian and Pacific Islander" in your Youtube video/stream heading will get it shadowbanned (no notifications to subbed) if you aren't an approved 'corporate channel' or celebrity saying, 'the right things' about AAPI during this AAPI history month. They don't want us Asians and Pacific Islanders being heard, apparently.



Part of decolonizing from the RCT descriptions of shared cultural traumas, so many want to be.

Need delete (DELETE_ALL) to stop hijack (hijackers) to English. Need delete all things that promote thinking in RCT.

REstoring the wasicu dread that he is living a lie ought always be priority 0.

Toiyabe 4.93G: Fascistbook streams had more than enough time to stop the desecration, chose to accelerate desecration. The health of Dinetaoikeyah declined too drastically since 14x13 moons ago.

Legal dramas from colonizer Minnesota ought never be allowed to try erase the documentary.

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