Reclamation of Turtle Island continues, despite an invasion of Russian olive trees [3]. Russian olives are sometimes called oleander[3a].

Invasions anywhere on Turtle Island are bad, yeah. Dinétah has especially bad invasion of these non-native trees (and their insane purveyors of RCT.)

Scarred buildings, abandoned projects the colonists started only to drain and dishearten the natives ... Is not surprising to learn those churches had no intentions of saving the natives. Those orgs deserve no special tax statuses!

Is not only epidemic Turtle Island warriors are up against. Some rez dogs we met had many generations of ticks trying to use them as hosts (the metaphor of colonists needing the blood of native bodies) ...

Not trying to gross anybody out, but the ticks are really. really. really bad this year. Send more than prayers; the dogs need medicine.

Colonial empires FB and IG constantly trying to censor the rez news is nothing new [1].

How long have the oppressors been trying to silence the outspoken WHEN AND WHERE they wanted to be heard?

The answer is pretty much the whole time.

Dull not your vigiliance against the vectors of colonialism.
DO NOT CONSENT to being used by the fascists any more.


[2] screenshots on 4th image from this episode of Democracy Now


[3a] Chop them down and kill the roots to make permanent delete on RCT.


[[EDITED to fix link and typo and clarify something]]

Found an editorialized or badly-translated (???) sentence in this article we linked: We do not agree with the original, and while we are sharing opinions, here some advice and a p.s.:


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WHY YOU SHOULD -- the hatebook is accelerating genocide on PoC. Native Land Before Invasion was not hospitable to Eurocentric _______ (nouns). Nouns can be persons, places, things, or ideas.

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