K´ana indigenous people are losing the battle against colonialism[1] in Espinar region.

Native language speakers, four-leggeds, indigenous artists, water protectors are being poisoned from cadmium, mercury, arsenic, lead and other toxic metals left behind after the mines the region´s lands for dineros and dollars, sol and (PEN) to add to its already smoldering toxic waste dump of billions.

¨How much time u dedicate in ur day to giving the fascistbook shareholders more billions to murder the planet?¨ indie asks. ¨Are u directing attention there, helping it colonize and destroy free people? Are u one who surrender executive function of ur native brain to that megalomaniac CEO?¨

Glencore PLC is fascistbook´s Peruvian accomplice. This thing... this PLC is what forensic accountants call a ¨shell corporation¨ -- thing that manifests as colonial paper with meaningless printed words dead colonials used ¨trying to sound important¨ or capitalistically benevolent (we make jobs! nevermind they are only temp jobs until we abandon your site for the next one) to trick native people into permitting fascist exploitation.

Some rich white family (probably heavily invested in BMW and/or Mercedes Benz) decided they needed ¨save face¨ among their uppity upper-class neighbors in some uppity trendy city´s favorite AirBnB destination for bored rich spoiled Republican voters. Bet your bottom dollars their retirement incomes are banking on native land-occupying renters enslaved to the fascist-state Realtor cartel ... suits and fragile white settlers normalizing murderous violence overseas as ¨self defense¨ via brainwashing from fascistbook and its sinister WhatsApp[3].


[2] (RCT_2014) ¨A group of Chinese state-owned companies [partnered with] a Peruvian copper mine from Glencore Xstrata for $5.85bn, adding to a wave of Chinese resource acquisitions abroad¨


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Remap for the IndigenoUS

The entity responsible for the most genocide on indigenous peoples is Zuckerberg Platforms, Inc. Tortoise Mountaineers and Turtle Islanders deserve better; natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before State governments wtih delusions about government-subsidized "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic and we never needed your dollars.

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