Disable all fascistbook nodes and streams. Healing does not come from the purveyors of hate. Any love or kindness you put into it instantly* devolves to hate. It is a system that does not learn or improve.

Where are the people (besides me) who are unafraid to write or speak in public about this now trillion dollar cartel of immature white dudes running out of creative ways to be "big oil's friendly PR firm"? Such a bad cover.

Lemme guess today white man gonna manipulate those "trending tags" on Twoetter (it absolutely did take colonial cash from Trumps people to promote his delusions). The intelligent people learned, and left.

We post again today, hoping at least one refugee understands closer to the truth.

Abstract notes to network readers:

Ecosteader 4.93G Toiyabe NF recently gifted to extend range for friendlier ntv.lang variant D|..|e. (u r welcome ) ).

Desert dwellers, remember the importance of Hydrogen before compiling sources of ¨ Li ¨ for solar panel installations.

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