More American history the
settler-colonials of the last 529 years can no longer refuse to acknowledge is that that "U.S. Constitution" they wave around as being so supreme is disgustingly "not supreme" in numerously counted ways.

The governments that implemented the residential school model do not get to describe their systems or laws as "supreme": not in the courts, not in the laws or spoken words either.

Has modern thought evolved much from early imperialists' tragic model of "civilization" built on inter-continental genocide? More evidence surfaces that the answer is no. U.S. dollar-driven colonialism ¨ has not evolved¨. Both the
U.S.-Mexico "border patrol" and U.S.-Canada "border patrol" doing same thing.

Occupants and descendants of mentally ill colonists who imposed these residential schools on indigenous populations mostly hailed from Spain and France and other places in Europe heavily dependent upon institutionalized slave labor.

Let us repeat that this was not acceptable then and is not acceptable now.


Moqo is Mi'kmaq word === ¨No¨ .

Logically and for all scenarios pertaining to pre-Columbus peoples does 'Moqo' override everything in the Queen's English.

Do not be lulled by colonists trying to queue theatrical piano or chamber music.

Is not fantasy that murdered those Kamloops and Marieval children! Those fascistbook and twoetter apps may seem innocent enough, but they are like grapple hooks the colonists use to distort the truth.

The IRL body count, even if hundreds of years old, is still dead bodies.

This Thursday, some folks are gathering for support of local survivors.. and there are likely some similar events in your region too. Do not expect us to do the research for you, whereever you are.


Please read the whole thread for context of the above photograph.

Colonists use patriarchal-brainwashing to continually probe and ask for "more evidence" of the reality of genocide. The "beyond reasonable doubt" clause is often abused to make the issues about gathering of "more" evidence when there is already plenty available. Usually a thin attempt to cast heroes rather than perpetrators of genocide.

Thanks to @emsenn for the link and quote (tip them @ duckpond:

"Roman Catholic churches in Saskatoon and across Canada had also signed an agreement promising to raise $25 million to compensate Daniels and tens of thousands of other survivors for the emotional, physical and sexual abuse, malnutrition, cultural shaming and systemic violations of basic human rights suffered in Catholic-run residential schools.

...But most of that money was never raised.

...While the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon and its 80,000 members spent $28.5 million on the new cathedral, they raised just $34,650 for survivors.

The story was similar in other cities. Canada's 12 million Catholics donated less than $4 million of the promised $25 million, roughly 30 cents/ person.

After several years, the federal government told the Catholic Church to pay up.

Instead, church officials hired one of Canada's top lawyers, who, in a private court hearing, successfully argued that the country's Catholic churches had tried their best, had no more to give.

...On July 16, 2015, after a secret hearing the previous month, Justice Neil Gabrielson sided with the Catholic Church, saying the federal lawyer wasn't clear enough in his opposition to the proposal and a "reasonable person" would conclude a deal had been struck.

The Catholic churches quickly paid the $1.2 million buyout. They were still more than $21 million short of their commitment, but were absolved of any further legal or financial obligations."


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