Removing natives (wildflowers or people!) from their habitat to further capitalist exploitation? Yeah, this is nothing new. The target was a rare species of desert buckwheat, stolen out of its native habitat in Southern Nevada. Colonists call it "Tiehm's buckwheat" (named in 1985 after a colonist named Tiehm -- who did not discover it; colonists just like to put their names on everything native).

"An Australian mining company, Ioneer Corp., has proposed an open-pit lithium mine that would destroy the vast majority of Tiehm’s buckwheat’s habitat.

Conservationists discovered over the weekend that someone had dug up and destroyed more than 17,000 Tiehm’s buckwheat plants, a rare Nevada wildflower.
As much as 40% of the flower’s global population, which exists on just 21 acres in western Nevada, may have been destroyed."

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Follow up to this thread from last year. We wrote about the ecosystem of some native buckwheats being attacked aggressively by colonist forces from OTI.

OTI is ¨Off Turtle Island¨.

Region where the buckwheats vs the Lithium miners:,

Rare medicine plants and ancient humans´ lands exist here.

What do colonial offices in British Colonial-ruled NSW Australia want with Nevada? The rich men in suits are trying to fast-track an open pit mine. OTI-owned entities are usually shell corps of larger ones with carefully-managed PR, and they like hiding things about their owners in faceless companies overseas.

Why this mine owned by Ioneers is particularly malicious and must be shut down for Turtle Island L.A.W. is obvious. Can be inferred by the financial forensics, which indie has generously included on screenshot here and in logic here[4] $GSCCF has been around since only 2019, and it already is claiming to be worth 591 million dollars of colonial cash!

Why we are bringing this up today is because we discovered recently that shortly after our post, some activists started a camp [2] at another Lithium mining site owned by $LAC and .CA [5] where mining has been set to begin on July 29th.

Someone really needs to help the camp decolonize the activists from FB spyware phones and apps at activist events, though ...






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