Hey, we got a mention with big, trendy media site Vice News.

Not us as in Ecosteader, but us as in Mastodon communicators across the global, diverse, beautiful, .

Indeed are we the hackers, orders of magnitude greater at helping the world decolonize from invasive capitalistic tech than colonizer social media ever will be. We are a necessary and permanent fixture, and we will only get stronger as more people sheepishly realize how compromised and vulnerable they are to the sadistic whitemanz delusions of infinite growth on the finite planet.

Let it be a great relief there is a living, active solidarity movement of people both IRL and building our online communities literally doing literal things ... erasing Web 2.0 standards of an ¨app for everything¨, and... remodeling community, shall we say.

Self-hosting is digital decolonization, and is never too late to decolonize. Decolonize your tech to decolonize your thinking. A decolonized mind is a beautiful, powerful thing.


[1] Last I heard Vice was still related to HBO, which is part of Warner Media conglomerate...

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