Part 2/3 (follow-on to 106902215266547803)

Speaking of sheepish ...

Of course, it takes over a decade and a pretty, popular colonizer with her own promotion-filled YT channel for homeless guy to get his work _indirectly_ enough traction to upgrade some gear.

The fact that YouTube (and its astoundingly wealthy parent company) have had insider knowledge of this vlogger over ELEVEN YEARS should make any Googler (any YT watcher, actually) feel very ashamed to be employee or owner. FB also makes and appearance in his videos (mostly for drama arguing with the local town mayors) since it seems that does promote FB as well as links to his YT channel.

That being said, his site contains some well put-together plant foraging documentation and notes.

Fletcher finally recently reached 8K subscribers over 11 years, thanks to his colonizer promotion, and was able to upgrade his hobo stove and get selfie stick! Sucks that it took that long, bro. My experience with Google was much worse (part 3/3).

Will post that one only to the ones that care enough to follow my work, though.

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