The patriarchal, colonizer method of rush to ¨acceptance¨ is not always the answer.

Digital forensics, death, the fascistbook 

Follow-up to something we wrote about awhile ago:

Myron Dewey, Shoshone and Paiute from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation,
recently died of injuries sustained in an automobile accident (report linked 1b below).

Colonizer media dulls the senses as it carries out the colonial agenda to divide and attack indigenous bodies any and every way: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It wants us to think we are alone, outsmarted, and outnumbered so drastically we ought not question its purported authority.

People who use(d) lots of colonizer social media probably need to come to terms with the fact that anything naïvely donated to the Billionaires (whitemanz + his friends) did and continues to get used _detrimentally_ against indigenous peoples; the psychological ¨hacks¨ that the colonizers used to rig elections proved to be too valuable to the corrupt NAR and Realtor agendas salivating for commissions and new suckers to scam.

While we mourn Myron´s death we feel anger too... please stop testing indie´s _forever testimony that _all_ FB-related websites, its apps and any Twoetter networks carry the primary vectors of assault on indigenous bodies!

Statistically the numbers are bad; too many good people get ensnared. Sad truth that if the first or only place you tell your ¨friends¨ anything is on colonizer media, the most important messages die in vacuum.

Correlation of FB and TWTR as being full of malice-backed money sadly, always true; what each respectively calls ¨customers¨ or ¨clients¨ really are out to destroy strong indigenous people, and the things we care about most -- whether land or human body, colonizer machines attack Turtle Island L.A.W.

Decolonize Turtle Island (...

Edited, also added link and make sensitive post unlisted on fediverse.


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