Forget about Bitcoin mining; looks like the reactive schemes to colonial plundering are gonna be about the BITPHONE mining:

¨In the U.S., around 151 million phones end up in landfills or incinerators every year, which amounts to 416,000 a day, WEEE Forum said. Overall, only 17.4 percent of electronic waste is properly recycled worldwide.

This is a major waste both financially and ecologically.

"A tonne of discarded mobile phones is richer in gold than a tonne of gold ore," Dr. Ruediger Kuehr, director of the UN's Sustainable Cycles (SCYCLE) Programme, said in a statement. "Embedded in 1 million cell phones, for example, are 24 kg of gold, 16,000 kg of copper, 350 kg of silver, and 14 kg of palladium — resources that could be recovered and returned to the production cycle. And if we fail to recycle these materials, new supplies need to be mined, harming the environment."

Recovering these metals from electronic waste would also burn fewer greenhouse gas emissions than mining for new materials.

In honor of International E-Waste Day, the WEEE Forum is calling on individuals to do their part by making sure they dispose of their waste correctly. ¨

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