Follow up given the atmospheric river of moisture upon the PNW, creating flooding and problems all over the region, and especially for the colonist construct known as B.C.

Semá:th Lake and what was part of a larger Nooksack and Halkomelam territory is what existed before lake ¨was drained in the 1920s to create and irrigate new farmland in the Fraser Valley¨[1], making Sumas, B.C..

¨British Columbia¨ as the fascist colonist mapmakers would have you believe ... is under control of some British entity and its incredibly deluded RCMP? Despite not being attached to the continent where all the British-speaking dialects originate?

Meanwhile on the southern side of Nooksack people's territory ... a people coerced, intimidated, and attacked. Still unresolved land disputes over centuries of colonial oppression. Be not surprised how recently targeted for disenrollment.[2]

This attack vector is known by many First Nations people who have had to fight and defend not just one but TWO DIFFERENT colonial forces claiming federal authority over our BEING on Turtle Island.

Centuries of tests, and In every experiment thus far, the colonist recipe for land-use management yields disaster.

Yet still ... still no colonist learning? Stupidity is rebuilding colonial structures[4]. The plan that has no stops to assess or retrospect?

Disaster w/ increasing levels of embarrassment to the colonial logicians! Unsustainable agricultural ecosystem over what is supposed to be floodplain for lake is not a good use of energy[4],

Christian church-run genocides? Probably we did not survive them for nothing.





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