Math / stats / comparing data:

Exponential Omicron spikes across two large portions of Turtle Island; surge in cases seems to be heavy in what the graphs describe as ¨United States¨ and ¨Canada¨ regions. Contrast with no significant surges (yet?) for Mexico southward.

Appears to be moving southward.

As the icecaps continue to bleed and cry as they defend against extremes delusions of companies valuing themselves so much larger than the lifespan of the entire Universe, prob. is wise and (more importantly) quite

LOGICAL to not rule out possibility that any supposedly ¨eradicated¨ pandemics, plagues, other deadly insects / viral materials trapped in permafrost and icecaps of the planet will emerge.

Noting this because when under attack is ESSENTIAL to understand as much as possible about vectors* of attack, especially for planetary-sensitive systems.

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